There are some people who simply love to go on dates – lots of them, the more the merrier.  They may even become addicted to dating and success to them is about lining up as many dates as possible. They have no real desire to take things further or develop an exclusive and possibly lasting relationship.

For others dating experience is something to get through in order to meet the right person eventually. These people are really focused and  their intention is to get to the  ‘in a relationship’ or ‘going steady’ stage (depending upon your generation!) and become a couple as quickly as possible.

Online dating has become the number 1 place to go for casual dating and if that is you there are thousands, even millions of people wanting to connect with as many others as possible. Often its more about the buzz of meeting someone new and enjoying the chase, then move on especially those that are addicted to dating and not really looking for ‘the one’

We also see the other extreme where a man or woman simply wants to get to being comfortable with someone else. They want commitment quickly, almost to breathe a sigh of relief. Their job will be done when they are part of a couple again.

It’s easy to see why people find dating a time consuming and often disappointing experience with such widely varying objectives and motivations behind the scene.

These are often the reasons that our clients tell us they don’t like online dating. If you join a professional introductions agency such as ours you will meet others with similar values, shared interests and aspirations. It short cuts the search process but increases the quality.  Whilst your first introduction may not lead to a long term relationship you can at least feel confident that he or she has been chosen specifically you in mind, and vice versa and if its’ not ‘the one’ your matchmaker will start to look again.

So yes dating can be fun and enjoyable if you choose the right way for you. Enjoy your dating  journey .