Attractive Partners is proud to announce increased investment in the safe-guarding of new and existing clients.  In addition to utilising Lexis Nexis, IDU – and their award-winning Trace IQ checks – the Attractive Partners team will have access to the World Compliance System.  This system will allow us to screen potential new members for offences relating to financial fraud.  The World Compliance System ensures that crimes committed outside of the UK will not be able to slip under the radar.  Director, Mike Parker, explains why he is proud to be fighting dating fraud within the industry – “After the horrendous problems with violence, fake profiles and financial fraud experienced by online dating companies over recent years, I thought it was time to up our game even further to protect clients.  I am therefore pleased to announce that we are going to work with Lexis Nexis more extensively over the coming year, to provide checks on our client base and potential clients to ensure that we have not only the largest database of ID checked and verified professionals in the UK but one of the most carefully vetted too.”


According to The Independent, an incident of dating fraud is reported to police every three hours.  On average, a victim will take less than a month to be coaxed into parting with cash and will lose around £10,000.00 in total.

It is believed that nearly £40 million was lost by Britons who fell victim to dating fraud in 2016.  However, many more cases are likely to have gone unreported due to embarrassment.  Neil Masters, national fraud and cyber crime lead at Victim Support, states: “Dating fraud can shatter people’s lives both financially and emotionally and we know that losing what felt like a trusting and very real relationship is often what is most difficult to come to terms with.  We want to encourage anyone who may have been affected by this to seek help. People shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if they have been tricked in this way.”


At Attractive Partners, we want to ensure that our members feel protected from the financial and emotional cost of dating fraud. Call our senior membership adviser, Sarah James to find out how we could help you find genuine love and companionship.

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