What is the best way to end a relationship?

This is something that poses many problems for people. The decision to end a relationship is one of the most anxiety inducing decisions you will make. This becomes even more difficult depending on the type of relationship and how invested the other person is in you emotionally.

There are two types of relationships, a casual and serious, long term relationship. Now generally speaking, it’s going to be easier for most people to end a casual relationship than a serious, long term one. This is because it’s yet to get into that stage of deep emotional connection and investment.

In a casual relationship scenario it’s important that you end the relationship once you think you know that there is nothing else in it for you. If you think there is no chance of a future together, if you feel like your partner is becoming more invested in the relationship than you, then it’s time to do the right thing and end it.

A long term relationship is much more complex because of the level of emotional investment involved and there may even be other complicating factors like children, a mortgage, etc. This situation is typically going to induce more anxiety and stress than the decision to end a casual relationship.

In both types of relationships there is a right way to end it and that is by being mature about it and showing some compassion for your partner. There shouldn’t be anything less than this, yes there may be feelings of anger but you’ve shared moments of your life with this person so they deserve to be treated with respect.

To end a relationship you should sit down with your partner and explain to them how you are feeling and why you want to end it. This is the most difficult but also the most mature way to end a relationship. At least by doing it this way you are showing some respect and compassion to your partner no matter how hard it will be.