Happy New Year from Attractive Partners

Hello – it’s Jenny Dawson here, I am the Senior Membership Adviser for Attractive Partners and  the Dating Options Group of bespoke personal introduction agencies.  I’d like to wish everyone reading this a very Happy New Year from Attractive Partners and to say that if you are seeking a special person in your life – someone who will not only become your lover but your best friend too then I hope this is THE year you will find him or her.  We at Attractive Partners are here to help you do just that!

The first three months of the year are always the busiest and best months for introduction and dating agencies.  It is a time when we all tend to take stock and if necessary to do something positive to improve the quality of our lives.  With the number of single people rising year on year, meeting a suitable partner is high on the agenda of most single people and intelligent people of a higher calibre who are genuinely looking for a meaningful relationship and discerning about the type of people the meet usually prefer to use the service of a truly personal, bespoke service such as ours.

As part of The Dating Options Group of personal introduction agencies, Attractive Partners is possibly the best and most successful personal dating agency for professional and business people in the UK so it is no wonder that so many people find their ideal partner or soulmate through us.

I have listed below just a few of the very successful relationships we created in 2014 and I do hope it will inspire you to contact me if you would like to know more about how we can help you to find someone special.  *NB – The names have been changed as our service is totally confidential:

Oscar, 47, a Barrister from Leeds and Catlin, 41, a Hospital Doctor from Liverpool

David, 38, a Web Developer in the Cotswolds and Adele, 34, a Librarian from Cheltenham

Gene, 59, a Lawyer and property developer from Cardiff and Mandy, 52, a Journalist from Bristol

Vernon, 47, an Economist from London and Lesley, 42, an Occupational Therapist also from London

Shaun, 40, a Banker in London and Rachel, 36, an Entrepreneur also from London

Kevin, 69, a retired Businessman from Birmingham and Jocelyn, 65, a retired Model from Coventry

Matt, 58, a Successful Author from Guildford and Debbie, 49, a Music Teacher from London

Andy, 35, a Dentist from Edinburgh and Lorna, 31, Midwife from Glasgow

Charlie, 41, a Vet in Ipswich and Lillian, 34, a Freelance Interpreter from Cambridge

Edward, 71, a retired Chemist from Harrogate and Charlotte, 67, a retired Social Worker from York

Adam, 51, a Landowner/Farmer from Bath and Pippa, 47, a Nursery School Owner from Bristol

James, 44, an Architect from Manchester and Saskia, 39, a Statistician from Leeds

Neil, 34, an Urban Planner from Sheffield and Joanne, 29, a Fitness Instructor also from Sheffield

Ramon, 39, an IT Professional from Colchester and Zoe, 38 a Lecturer from Southend-on-Sea

Richard, 67, a retired Businessman from Nottingham and Sandra, 60, a Florist from Derby

Andy, 43, a Dentist from Northampton and Lorna, 37, a Midwife from Cambridge

William, 48, an Accountant from Brighton and Catherine, 42, a Psychologist from Crawley

Will you be next maybe? I look forward to speaking to you soon