This is a dating topic that is going to rear it’s head time and time again.

It’s one that always come’s up and there doesn’t seem to be any end in site.

Many relationships eventually reach that point where it’s time to say goodbye unless you plan to walk down the aisle and get married then it’s another thing altogether.

Many couples would like to stay friends with each other once they break up.

We all know a break up is incredibly painful for both parties but it’s always usually worse for one person than the other. One person is always the instigator and the other is the one being dumped. More often than not, it’s the person being dumped that is always in the most pain.

So how can you be friends with an ex in this situation? Is it even realistically possible?

The short answer in most cases is a resounding no.

That is the fact of the matter.

Each break up comes with a lot of pain and trying to be platonic friends under those circumstances is not productive.

You’ve shared many times with this person, good and bad. You’ve had physical intimacy with them. You may have gone on holidays with them. You are accustomed to hugging them, kissing them and touching them.

Just the thought of trying to have some kind of platonic relationship under those circumstances is not ideal.

Both people need to move on and deal with their grief in their own way.

Maintaining contact with that person isn’t going to help with the grieving and moving on with life process.

The only way you can really move on with life is to cease contact with that person, as painful as it is to think about. But it’s the only way you are going to move on with your life.

Once you’ve both moved on then there is the potential to be friends with each other but only then.