It’s one of the top 5 reasons professional and high profile clients say they come to us; as a director, boss or manager the fear of embarrassment of staff or professional colleagues seeing their personal profile on an internet dating site and with all that it can reveal about you! But if you’re a single, intelligent, active and professional and in your 40s, 50s and upwards, it’s not so easy to find a new romantic partner, particulary if you don’t like online dating.

So what is your alternative to online dating ?

There’s no doubt about it, from the early 90s onwards, the rise of internet dating resulted in the fall of many professional dating agencies where the personal friendly touch and high quality was valued more than volume by a largely mature, affluent professional client base.

Over the last two years the tide has been turning big time – away from online dating and back towards using a professional dating agency, in much the same way you might outsource an aspect of your business or life to be managed for you – if you don’t like online dating you may prefer a dating service where quality, safety, professionalism and customer service are managed by experts.

Attractive Partners offers a professional, discreet alternative. We don’t do online dating or display our client’s profiles online. We invest heavily in technology driven solutions and use the latest internet marketing approaches to stimulate the marketplace at very local, regional and national levels. We call it Proactive Search – Headhunting is the closest thing to it, and this is only a part of what we do on behalf of our clients to help find their next special partner. Coaching and social events also feature.

Are we more expensive than online dating sites? Yes of course by definition of what we do for you. Online dating is often free or low cost, and there is a higher cost of time, effort, risk and quality of experience involved in what we do. So when it comes  to value for money, we win hands down.

If you are one of the many single business professionals ‘out there’ who is struggling with the whole “internet dating thing” and would prefer to avoid it, good news day – there is another better way!

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