Our second annual Matchmaker of the year award ceremony took place at our recent staff conference at our Head Office in Warwickshire, as the highlight of the agenda. This years competition was adapted to truly reflect the key aspects of the matchmaker role and the skills needed to be successful, which was simply the numbers of clients brought together each month and then annualised to give a yearly total for 2019.

It was indeed a hard fought contest with many of our matchmaking team in contention right until the day of our contest. I am delighted to report however that the clear and outright winner was Kerry Weston, with her colleague Karen Hyde, just missing out but claiming the runner up award. Both awards were tremendously popular within the team and their colleagues were genuinely delighted to see Kerry and Karen’s success.

On behalf of our Matchmaking Team, Matchmaking Team Manager Lyn Nicholls, was delighted to see both of the ladies honoured for the work that they do on a day to day basis and over such a long period. Lyn stated “I would like to say that they are both valued members of a very good team and their continuous hard work to make dreams come true has been truly recognised.”

Matchmaker of the Year Kerry said when interviewed “It is privilege to work with clients and help them to find a special partner and ultimately love. I feel so lucky to work with such a great team of matchmakers and it is a real honour to be recognised as Matchmaker of the Year for something that I feel very passionate about.”Karen Hyde, our runner up added to Kerry’s statement by saying “I care about my clients and am proud that my results prove that my hard work and commitment to them has paid off. It is also lovely to work somewhere, that I have been recognised and valued.”

Mike Parker, Managing Director of Dating Options also commented “It was a great competition and is important to recognise the matchmakers for the work that they do in this way. Dating has been transformed in recent years, with the decline in the popularity of online dating and people have flooded back to wanting to join a traditional face to face dating company such as Attractive Partners. We know that online dating related crime is one of the fastest growing in the UK and it’s important that we get the message over about dating safely and dating personally interviewed and carefully vetted potential partners. Which is what we do at Attractive Partners.”

Matchmaker of the year 2019

Kerry and Karen receiving the congratulations of our 2018 winner Jane Thompson.

Matchmaker of the year 2019

Matchmaker of the Year 2019 – Kerry Weston, runner up Karen Hyde, pictured with Lyn Nicholls, our Matchmaking Team Manager