Matchmaking for The Only Way Is Essex

As Featured on TOWIE!

Senior Membership Advisor, Caroline, was thrilled to recently be invited to the set of TOWIE to offer expert dating advice to cast members.

Having been out of the dating game for some time, Towie cast member Nikki Blackwell knows how important it is to have a Personal Matchmaker she can trust working on her behalf.  Our Matchmakers only work with clients who are professional and accomplished; intelligent and attractive:  every member is ID checked and interviewed to ensure they fit our high calibre criteria.

Attractive Partners clients are looking for equals. Partners who will add to their already rewarding lifestyles. Nikki and her fellow Towie cast members turned to us. To ensure that they waste no time on no-hopers now that they are ready to start dating again.  Whilst friends can offer great advice. A Personal Matchmaker can provide the expert guidance you need to ensure you find the partner you deserve.

Why not get in touch. To see how we can turn your dream of finding a fantastic new relationship a reality?  Our highly skilled team would love to speak with you.