Here at Attractive Partners, our Personal Matchmakers are proud to be based close to romantic Stratford upon Avon.

As a Personal Introductions Agency, with affairs of the heart constantly on our minds, we are thrilled to be surrounded by the romance of the world’s greatest expert on love – William Shakespeare.

Stratford upon Avon isn’t a jewel we want to keep to ourselves : our team are always happy to meet with new and existing clients by appointment in our modern,  spacious offices.  Unlike many other agencies, our Personal Matchmakers welcome face to face meetings in order to provide their clients with complete confidence in what they do. Come and meet us in the most romantic city in Britain!

Having spent time getting to know your membership advisor or Personal Matchmaker, here are a few ideas for how to make the most of your time in Stratford Upon Avon:

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Waterside, Stratford upon Avon

The RSC, Stratford upon Avon, brings Shakespeare’s work to modern audiences through performances of exceptional quality.  As well as performing the works of Shakespeare,  the RSC also houses contemporary theatre, and the works of Shakespeare’s peers.  Over one million visitors watch performances at the RSC each year.  Current productions include Cymbeline, by William Shakespeare,  and The Rover, by Aphra Benn.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, 22 Cottage Lane, Shottery, Stratford upon Avon

Relive Shakespeare’s own love story by visiting Anne Hathaway’s beautiful, 500 year old cottage.  Take time to admire the glorious gardens and uncover the story of Anne’s early life.  As the woman who captured the heart of the young William Shakespeare,  this lady must have been someone very special!

The Tutor Courtship Exhibition provides an insight into the realities of tutor romance… find out how single people would have gone about finding love centuries ago!

Shakespeare’s New Place, 22 Chapel Street, Stratford upon Avon

Shakespeare’s new place was William Shakespeare’s home from 1597 until he died in 1616.  The house is very much a symbol of the playwright’s success: the purchase that showed his home town that he had ‘made it’!

The original site of Shakespeare’s last home allows you to get a sense of space and location, and the chance to truly walk in the great man’s footsteps.

So, please do visit our Stratford upon Avon offices. As part of our culture of honesty and transparency, we look forward to introducing ourselves to you.


Stratford upon Avon: an inspiration to our Personal Matchmakers

Stratford upon Avon: an inspiration to our Personal Matchmakers