Membership Benefits

Learn about the membership benefits you will receive when being an active member of the Attractive Partners dating agency.

The benefits of joining Attractive Partners

With the professional help of our Personal Matchmaking team we are confident that we will be able to help you find a truly wonderful, upmarket new partner, with the right background and circumstances for you. It is one of the (if not the) most important decisions you will ever make, so it’s not one that you can cut corners on or take risks with.

Your membership will also provide you with additional benefits; it is a very comprehensive and select personal matchmaking service that we are sure you will value.

The benefits a membership with Attractive Partners brings you are as follows:

  • A personal consultation with one of our senior membership consultants at home or at a location convenient for you for our Principal or Elite memberships, a telephone consultation for Debut members.
  • A professionally produced and presented personal profile.
  • A unique opportunity for a confidential coaching and advisory session with recommendations from one of the UK’s TOP Dating Experts, Ivana Franekova. 
  • Complete confidentiality and a commitment that no one will ever see your profile and photographs without your permission, apart from our own highly trained and experienced matchmaking staff.
  • Pro-active, searches on your behalf by our Personal Matchmaking team – we also search beyond our own extensive client list. Everyone we find as a possible match for you will be interviewed, vetted and carefully profiled before we offer their details to you for your consideration.
  • Unlimited personal introductions for our Principal level clients, subject to availability.
  • Up to a 2 year membership period, (open ended for our Principal Members) with the facility to place your membership on hold during the times when you are dating.