New Year 2017, New Relationship?

Sometimes when we have been single for quite a time, it isn’t always so straightforward to take that first step in deciding that now would be the right time for us to meet someone else and begin a new relationship. We can get very comfortable with certain aspects of our life so why rock the boat? On the other hand there is plenty of life left ahead of us, so surely there is no need to let ourselves get stuck in a rut and set in our ways.

Being youthful or at least, ‘young at heart’ should include a little adventure – there is more to being alive than being ‘comfortable’ isn’t there and perhaps you miss the excitement of getting to know someone new?

Deciding to start dating and to seek a new partner to enter a new relationship with means that we need to push ourselves a little. Internet dating may well not appeal to you. It is an environment where people may not be at all as they portray themselves to be and where others do not come forward to us with any personal recommendation.

However, using a trusted dating agency like Attractive Partners, assures you of recommended introductions to attractive, genuinely single people of the right calibre. You will be offered carefully selected introductions to others who have already been personally interviewed by one of our matchmakers and identity checked, so you can feel confident when meeting them.

You also have the friendly and confidential support of your personal matchmaker to guide you along your journey from being single to hopefully being in that exciting and rewarding relationship that you seek.

You can speak to us at no obligation for dating advice and to see if our service might be right for you.

If finding the right partner is one of your New Year resolutions, call us today and take that first positive step towards meeting the one you seek and starting that all important new relationship you desire.