Older Age Intimacy Is Alive And Well In 21st Century Great Britain

Older age intimacy is alive and well in 21st century Great Britain according to new research from the Think Tank at the International Longevity Centre (ILC), who explored the intimate lives of pensioners, using data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. But the downside is that for women looking to maintain a healthy sexual relationship long into retirement that it is problematic to find suitable partners.

The survey revealed that more than a quarter of men over the age of 85 had sex in the past year however, just 10 per cent of women had participated in intercourse in the same period, researchers found. The reason being a simple one that women find it increasingly difficult to find love as they age, because they live longer than men and outnumber them – leaving them with fewer potential partners to choose from. And unsurprisingly, the study revealed men have higher sex drives than women in later years.

At lower age ranges, as you would expect, the figures are even healthier, with more than 60% of 65 year old men enjoying sex in the last 12 months and 37% of women, proving that the market for finding partners for older singles remains a buoyant one – something that we have long known and accepted at Attractive Partners. Where people in retirement remain an important sector of the market and a popular age group for new members.

So if you had doubts about age being a barrier to joining Attractive Partners then please think again. Sarah James, the Senior Membership Adviser at Attractive Partners said “The number of older people who have suffered widowhood or divorce that go on to form other intimate relationships is way too low at around just 5% and that is sad, as organisations like ourselves and other quality personal introductions agencies could help bring a new, carefully vetted new partner into their lives. It is what we do best!”

If you would like to speak to Sarah about joining Attractive Partners, and finding out how a personal introductions agency can benefit you, she can be contacted on 0800 644 4140 or by completing the contact form by clicking here.