How we go about finding Love

I confess it was only during a recent business presentation with Mike our Managing Director the other day that I learned about the 300 year history of Personal Introductions and Dating Agencies. Despite my years of working in the Dating Industry I had somehow formed the view that using a Personal Introductions and Matchmaker service was a relatively modern phenomenon. How wrong could I be! The dating industry and personal introductions in particular has helped so many people to find a new partner and has been a discreet part of how we go about finding love for over three centuries now.I looked into the subject further on Wikipedia. Sure enough, it seems a whole new class based system was introduced into society around 1799 with the first dating agency opening in Bishopsgate, London in 1825. The agency opened three days a week for the public to subscribe to a list which registered their partner preferences together with information related to their status, wealth and dowry.

Skip forward a hundred years (and since) when it was inherent in family and close friend circles that suitable eligible partners would be sought out and introduced. Some of you may remember the awful stigma of being unmarried, being referred to as a spinster and of being left ‘on the shelf’!

In my teenage years it was common for ‘helpful’ friends to organise blind dates when you didn’t know what the other person would look like until you turned up and met them. I met many a lovely boyfriend in this way but if I’m honest if I’d seen their photo on an internet dating site I wouldn’t have given them a second glance.

Which brings me to another important point. Our Matchmakers find compatible partners based on things like lifestyle, personal values, life ambitions, intellect, geography, shared interests and of course physical preferences and attributes. But there’s something else we do and it’s really important. It’s matching the ‘energy’ of a person. It’s in the expression of a person’s eyes, their gestures, their laugh, their accent, their touch. You can only pick this up through our senses when we meet someone, which is why it is entirely possible to fall in love with someone and say ‘they are not usually my type but there was something in the way he or she smiled, walked, talked etc…’ .

You simply can’t get this from whizzing through hundreds of photographs on dating sites (often dire photos and not resembling their apparent owner!) and anyway, not everyone is photogenic. So you whizz by or hit delete.  Whilst online dating undoubtedly provides volume on the one hand, in reality the choice is far more limiting than you might imagine because of the superficiality of the process.

Yes I am biased. However I make no apologies for championing a mass return to how we can go about finding love today – meeting potentially the most important person in our life in the way we were designed to meet. That is, in person with the odds stacked in your favour using a well proven 300 year old system of Personal Introductions – provided by Attractive Partners of course 🙂