Quantity not quality – the online dating game

For many singles, creating a profile on a dating website brings a wave of much longed for attention.  Compliments.  Invitations. Declarations of instant love.  Such heady activity – often after a period of heartache and loneliness – is an understandably exhilarating experience stepping into the online dating game.  However, going for quantity not quality – the online dating game, can also can lead to poor and irrational decision-making, the consequences of which can be devastating.

A professional friend of mine with young children discovered she had a ‘sex tape’ on YouTube after becoming infatuated with her own ‘Christian Grey’ via Skype.  Despite never meeting in person, she trusted this man enough to disrobe in front of her computer screen.

Another friend – afraid of her ticking biological clock – became intentionally pregnant after several meetings with a young, handsome guy who had pursued her online.  He already had a very pregnant wife, oblivious to his ‘dating’ activity.  My friend discovered this man’s double life via the ‘real-life’ Facebook page he’d kept hidden…having already parted with a large amount of cash to keep his business afloat.

By buying into the constant shallow connections and distractions of the online dating game, today’s singles are seriously diminishing the capacity to think deeply and create mature, fulfilling and long term relationships.  They are choosing quantity not quality and instant gratification. Human bonds take time, nurturing and exclusivity to build.  Tragically, the prolific nature of Internet dating removes both of these elements.

At Attractive Partners, we still believe in old-fashioned values.  We want our members to meet people they can trust – potential suitors who are who they say they are.  We expect our members to treat each other with the highest levels of respect, taking time to get to know each other and allowing connections to strengthen. We focus on quality, because it only takes that one amazing partnership to change your life.

We are not buying into the notion that human beings are disposable commodities.

And nor should you.

True love is definitely worth waiting for.

And it’s our job to prove it.