Dating in 2020: The New Rules

For the first time in many of our lives, we have experienced what it means to follow fast changing rules.  And while it seems the government are relaxing our current restrictions, mentally and emotionally many of us are changed.  As a result, finding love is now a very different experience.  Fast hook-ups and throwaway relationships no longer cut it.  The new rules are based upon trust, honesty and meaning.  Now that we have been reminded of the fragility of life, genuine relationships are more important than ever.

Don’t Waste My Time

At Attractive Partners, new clients frequently come to us having lost faith in online dating.  The number one complaint is that the internet is awash with time-wasters.  With so many people having devoted time during lock-down to working on themselves, self-esteem levels in single people have sky-rocketed.  We’ve been reading, studying, exercising, re-connecting with friends, cooking at home and eating well.  We’ve invested in our relationship with self, which has the added bonus of making us endlessly more attractive to others.  Remember the frazzled version of yourself pre-lockdown?  Many of us are now realising that the work we’ve done on ourselves will change things for the better forever.

Are You For Real?

With so much new and empowered energy, it’s hard to imagine allowing negative and destructive new relationships into our lives.  Many single people are ready to get real within relationships.  Additionally, many couples are having to find more transparent and vulnerable ways to love and communicate.  2020 has changed our perception of what true companionship means.  We’ve survived tough and uncertain times.  As things become a little easier, we have a new understanding of what our hearts and souls really want and need.

How Can Attractive Partners Help

Our Personal Matchmakers understood the importance of honesty and authenticity way ahead of the game.  The new rules for finding love have under-scored our processes since we first began helping single men and women meet amazing new partners.  Our friendly and experienced membership advisers are available 7 days a week to discuss how we can help you find a genuine and loving, new relationship.  We’d love to talk to you, today.