A ‘Single’ Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a daunting occasion for single men and women.  Suddenly, it seems as though the whole world is in love.  It’s hard to avoid an endless barrage of hearts and flowers, particularly on social media.  “How do they do it?” we ask ourselves, staring at posts from loved-up friends.  The 14th February is a test for all those who have not yet found such bliss.  At Attractive Partners, we spend our days making perfect matches.  The truth is, this takes time.  But when we find that perfect balance of chemistry and companionship for our clients, it feels as though everything is happening at the right time, for the right reasons.

Valentine's Day

Real-Life Stories

Our clients love to keep us updated on how their exciting, new relationships are going.  Here are two recent stories to inspire you to believe that finding love is possible:

“I joined Attractive partners six months ago and was not sure whether the process
that you used was right for me. The idea of just meeting one person at a time
was something I was not sure about. However, I was introduced to a suitable
match very soon after joining and was absolutely amazed. We got along
perfectly and it was clear from date one that things could really work between
us. Three months after our first date I am now moving house, closer to my match,
and we are looking forward to spending Christmas together. True love feels
like it has been found and it feels so wonderful.
I want to thank Attractive Partners for introducing me to my match and helping me
find happiness. We are now both so happy and it is all thanks to you. Keep up
the great work.”

“Just to let you know that Simon and I are still going strong and hardly spend a day apart, we have done so many things together it feels a lot longer than 6 months! You couldn’t have made a better match and we are very happy!”

We Are Here For You

With one of the largest match-making teams in the UK, we’re always happy for new clients to visit our offices so that we can talk you through the matchmaking process and our thorough interview and ID checking process.  Allowing ourselves to be open to finding love can be a daunting process.  We understand.  Our matchmakers are so successful because they are both skilled matchmakers and warm and empathetic people with their own life experiences.