It is as if many of us that are single use the winter to hibernate a little, curl up with a few good books, allow a little chocolate indulgence and essentially, stay in a bit. But perhaps as you might expect, established professional dating agencies such as ours can find the phone gets very busy before and after Valentine’s Day. We have met new members from a whole range of locations such as London, Cardiff, Bristol, Leicester, Durham, Manchester, Cambridge and Birmingham in recent days.

 Valentines day reminds us there is more to life than work and day to day living and that perhaps those particularly appalling winter storms that have been battering the whole of Britain might just give it a rest and let the daffodils take a turn. Spring and love is definitely in the air!

So what would you like to do with these lighter evenings and the hope of warmer days ahead? Well yes, someone new and exciting could be just the ticket. A bit of fizz and fun with someone sparkling…Internet dating sites abound but do they really have the sort of people we might find attractive if we meet them? And do you have the time to wade through all those profiles, (fake or real?), winks and chats?

If you would like to meet someone of the right calibre who is genuinely single and looking for a partner, a dating agency such as Attractive Partners might be a better option. We attract people who are looking for someone that not only do they find attractive, but also someone who fits with their life and their aspirations.

Meet others who are genuine, who are great fun to be with, but also have the potential for you to form a real relationship with.

We have seen some really very attractive new members joining our membership recently and if you would like to meet some of them, please call us to see what we could do to make this a spring and summer your dating season to remember.