Online dating was once one of the most popular methods for meeting new people and finding love. However, there are a few things you should know about online dating sites and granted you probably didn’t know the following:

  1. It can be expensive in time and money – Almost every online dating site offers free membership with the downside being that you basically can’t access much of the site unless you upgrade to a paying service. At first glance, these monthly fee’s don’t seem like much but they can add up over the long term and when you consider your chances are actually quite low of meeting someone worthy of being your long term partner, it isn’t really worth it.
  1. People turn out differently in real life – This one is one that the online dating sites certainly don’t want to admit. Almost no dating site carries out any sort of measures to ensure members are genuine with their intentions or any process that guarantees a member is who they say they are. There has been cases in the past where people have met someone in real life that they met online and they turned out to be different to the person they conveyed in their online dating profile.
  1. So many cheaters – Unfortunately, this crowd tends to attract many cheaters into their ranks. As mentioned with the point above, there are no measures in place to ensure someone is single and genuine. Therefore, many people are adulterers looking for an easy and convenient way to cheat on their partners.

Given the points above, do you really want to take a chance with an online dating site?

Personal introductions and matchmaking is so much more effective in helping elite singles find the right person to share their life with without any of the risks that come with an online dating site.