Beat the January Blues in 2024: Find Love and Happiness with Professional Matchmaking at Attractive Partners

Let’s Celebrate Surviving January – Is Personal Matchmaking the Key?

Well, Christmas came and went in a flash! All those excesses and way too much rich food – our New Year celebrations were quickly over and done with, and now the bills for both are in and somehow need to be paid. To make matters worse, millions of us are coping with SAD – seasonal affective disorder, where the levels of the brain chemical serotonin are at their lowest, as sunlight levels dip, and shorter daylight hours don’t help at all.

Well fear not, as January is a very popular month for dating, experiencing new beginnings in relationships, finding new companions, exciting new people, and having some fun in our lives again. That may well be the adrenalin rush we are missing after those highs in the run up to the Christmas and New Year celebrations, and the hopes that went with them.

So, could dating be the key to banishing those notorious January Blues – and could joining a dating agency or matchmaking service such as Attractive Partners be the pick-me-up that’s needed? There’s a reason why January and February are often BIG months for new members joining us, who are looking for long-lasting love.

Traditionally, there has often been a rush in January, with many people making a New Year’s Resolution, being that they would really like to find love and a wonderful new partner at the start of the new year. Also, being supported in this quest by an experienced personal matchmaker, “your friend in the dating business”, could be hugely advantageous over other forms of dating. Online dating, or using dating apps from a smartphone, are a distinctly solitary pursuit, lacking the added guidance that can be provided by a professional matchmaker. Sitting at home behind a computer trawling through hundreds of online profiles, or swiping left or right endlessly on a smartphone, might actually be counterproductive, and make you feel more down than you did originally! That’s why Attractive Partners is here – to take the legwork out of tedious online dating. By offering a traditional dating agency approach, we can help you to find long-lasting love.

So, dating with the support of a personal matchmaker, who is your very own expert to work with in your pursuit of love, could be just what is needed. Our professional team at Attractive Partners are ready to support and encourage you through any ups and downs, and to put you in touch with your potential perfect partner.

If you’re new to matchmaking – and we know that many are when they first join us – then why not let us talk you through how it works, and how it might be perfect for you to meet that high calibre partner you desire. Venturing the online dating world can be extremely daunting, but we’re here to show you that there are better solutions. In our years of experience, we understand that ambitious, professional people are looking for something a little more polished. At Attractive Partners, we’re a matchmaking agency that you can trust and rely on to make that vision a reality.

All it takes is a call, or the completion of our online contact form, and we will do the rest. There is never any obligation or compulsion to join us, but why not let one of our friendly, experienced membership advisers talk you through the process. They’ll explain how the service works, how we keep you safe, and how we as an introductions agency could turn 2024 into the best year of your life – yes, even in January!

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