First Date Topics to Avoid

As we are all aware a first date can bring up many feelings of nervousness and anxiety. These feelings are only going to be compounded depending on personal circumstances. If you’ve just gotten out of a long-term relationship for example, then you are going to experience more nerves than the average person.

When going on a first date there are some things that must be avoided. Some of the conversational topics people bring up on a first date are a sure fire way to ruin a date, and any chance you may have had of being with that person. Here are some conversational first date topics that must be avoided:

Don’t discuss getting married or having children – Now it’s okay to talk about maybe wanting to get married or have kids one day but not telling your first date you want to marry them and have kids with them. Telling someone you are on a first date with you want to marry them and have kids with them is creepy and will send them packing.

Don’t discuss specifically about how your last relationship/marriage ended – This is an important topic for discussion but not on the first date. Save it for a few dates further down the track when you know each other a bit better. You can mention when your relationship ended and maybe how, but don’t get into an hour long discussion of it. It will leave a sour taste in the mouth of your date.

Don’t discuss religion and politics – These topics are always hotly debated so it’s best you avoid them for a first date conversational topic. Don’t discuss these topics in depth until you know someone a little better.

If you can avoid some of these big conversational first date killers then you should have a great first date. You can talk about anything else but just not any of the topics above, and considering you are just getting the know this person, there should be plenty to talk about.