How to Create The Perfect Profile Picture

We all know that humour, intelligence and warmth are wildly attractive human traits. However, it’s also no secret that when considering a potential match, most of us are guilty of judging a book by its cover. To maximise your chances of making a great first impression, we’re going to explain how to create the perfect profile picture.

The Selfie

Most of us have switched on to the fact that bathroom selfies are an absolute no-no. Posing by a bath tub with a porcelain loo seat in the background is just so 2015. These days it’s all about the selfie that doesn’t look like a selfie. Or better still, the selfie that isn’t a selfie. An unguarded, spontaneous shot showing a natural smile is worth its weight in gold. At Attractive Partners, we’ve found that our members are most drawn to expressions that depict warmth, kindness and confidence. It’s the ‘mischievous twinkle in the eye’ and ‘kind smile’ that generate those tentative feelings of initial attraction. Our members are more likely to be attracted to a potential match if he or she looks fun to be around. The posed selfie can strip us of our natural energy. In contrast, a candid shot can reveal our inner beauty.

The Snapchat Filter

Whether it’s a fake halo of flowers or Bambi ears, keep your pretty Snapchat pics out of the public domain. Leave filters to playful teens and focus on looking like the best version of yourself.

Teeth or No Teeth?

A recent survey released by dating app Hinge, shows that men respond more favourably to a toothy smile. This is great news for Julia Roberts, but not so good for Jennifer Aniston, who prefers a closed ‘smirk’.

Women, on the other hand, prefer their men to stick to the closed smile.

Solo or In Company?

Never pose with someone who could be mistaken for an ex. Or worse still, a current love interest. Children and animals can also distract from the point. Your profile picture should be all about you, and you alone.

In summary, the perfect profile picture should convey a sense of who you are at your most relaxed and happy. It’s no coincidence that it’s this blissful look of love that makes us irresistible to others.

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