Dating: How To Increase Your Personal Confidence

Why Dating With Confidence Will Drastically Improve Your Chances of Finding Love

Stop for a moment and think about the people you most enjoy spending time with. It’s likely that those who spring to mind radiate a sense of being comfortable in their own skin. When we’re confident in ourselves, we’re less judgemental; defensive; competitive. We’re kinder; warmer; more generous. Most of the traits humans find most off-putting about each other are born out of insecurity. The way to find real success when dating is to cultivate your own inner confidence.

Where to Start?

It may sound corny but there’s no avoiding the fact that to find love, we must first love ourselves. Negative behaviour patterns are the number one cause of self loathing. If repetitive, destructive behaviours are limiting your capacity to stand tall and strong, tackle them head on. Instead of wasting time aimlessly trawling online dating sites and apps, start researching ways to overcome all that is holding you back. You may want to invest in a self-help book; visit a clinical hypnotherapist; find a local support group; book a self-development retreat; or just get back in touch with the things that you love doing. For many of us, online browsing seriously eats into time we once spent reading; writing; painting; walking. Take yourself back to childhood and recall the things that sustained your joyful spirit. Start seeing more of the friends and family members who leave you with a warm feeling inside.

But How Will I Find Love If I’m Focusing On Myself?

This is the great irony: focusing on yourself rather than others WILL help you to find love. It WON’T help you to find strangers online who want to waste your time. It also WON’T help you to find meaningless hook-ups that leave you feeling empty and worthless. Instead, it will turn you into the kind of person who both respects and values him or herself, thus ensuring others do the same!

At Attractive Partners, we know that those who have the most dating success are people who have found an acceptance of themselves and are truly open and ready to meet others. By allowing a Personal Matchmaker to do all the ground-work, our members have time to devote to their own personal fulfilment and development while searching for love. If you’d like to do the same, we’d love to hear from you.

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