Double Trouble – Online Dating Crimes Up 100%

The National Crime Agency has announced that crimes linked to online dating were up by more than 100% in 2015, according to figures released this week. 378 crimes were linked to online dating during the year, which is up from 180 in 2013 and an increase of more than 100%. Worryingly the figures between 2013 and 2015 now stand at a very significant 828, this includes 88 reports of rape, 49 sexual attacks, 180 instances of violent crime, 115 cases of harassment and 43 instances of blackmail according to the Daily Mail Online, with 85% of victims reported to be female.

We asked Sarah James of Attractive Partners whether in her opinion there is a safer, less risky way of meeting new partners, says Sarah “I really do find those statistics worrying as a female and it does make me realise how vulnerable people can be when seeking a new partner. At Attractive Partners we are as vigilant as possible and perform rigorous checks to try to ensure that people are who they purport to be. And I feel totally confident that our own database is completely genuine.”

Sarah continues: “We take our responsibilities very seriously at Attractive Partners and carefully interview every new member or potential member. Our clients also work with our team of Personal Matchmakers and we have one of the largest within the industry, to find potential matches. The matchmakers know our client base extremely well and take feedback also after every initial match. So I am confident that the crime problems within online dating would not be anything for our exclusive members to concern themselves with. Largely we are dealing with the top 10% of British society.”

Like to know more? If you are worried you may be at risk, you can speak to Sarah for guidance, by ringing us on 0800 644 4140 or by completing our contact form below. We are waiting to advise those worried by these statistics.

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