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Men’s Dating

Looking for a potential new partner has never been easy and with the plethora of choices available in 2021 and beyond it can be confusing for many and that applies particularly to men. Often after a breakup women are comforted and supported by their network of friends but that is not always the case for men who tend to be more insular and reflective , looking to handle their grief alone, so often a breakup can be a lonely and isolating experience. When someone you thought was your long term or maybe even life partner, has suddenly exited from your life, sometimes quite abruptly and without warning.

Men often want to move on quickly to try to heal wounds and some may well want to seek out a new partner straight away. Their choices are often online dating sites or dating apps, dating and singles events locally or perhaps for the more discerning seeking professional help through a personal matchmaker. But often the cheapest option is the first port of call which is usually a free dating app or free online dating site.

On occasions that can be quite a bruising experience however as the stats say that only around 27% of men are regularly getting dates and for the rest it can be just a series of rejections, with 100% of women targeting just that relatively small group. It’s great if you’re one of the 27% but if you aren’t it can be daunting and confidence sapping.

That’s where Attractive Partners can often help. Having been formed way back in 2003, long before dating apps had been thought of and when online dating was relatively new. They take a more personalised and longer term approach to dating and give people the chance to work with one of their expert team of personal matchmakers.

Attractive Partners get to know their clients very thoroughly through one of the most comprehensive client questionnaires in the dating industry and also carefully vet their database of clients to ensure they are of the right calibre, are 100% genuine, solvent and have not been involved in crime in the past. It gives Attractive Partners a very high level of success – over 90% of clients achieve success and meet someone special that they are happily dating during the life time of their membership.

Like to know more? Here Amber Brooks of the Dating Advice Website, looks at Attractive Partners and how they work with both men and women to generate dating success for individual members, by working on a close personal basis during a defined membership period – usually 1 year. Here’s Amber:

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