It’s February – St Valentine’s Day this Month!

It’s February already and that means St. Valentine’s Day on 14th. If you are unattached how does that make you feel? It’s a loving time for those with a partner but if you are single it can be very dispiriting seeing Valentine’s cards and roses everywhere you look. I think we all need love – and physical contact and warmth is a basic instinct. We humans aren’t designed to be alone.

If you are seeking a wonderful new partner then joining a professional Introduction or Dating Agency is by far the best and in most cases the most likely to be successful way of meeting someone of the right calibre for you and who is on your wavelength.

Attractive Partners is a truly personal dating agency for men and women of all ages who are genuinely seeking a long-term relationship – a life partner. So – whether you live in London or anywhere else in the UK, why not do something positive today and contact us on 0800 644 4140. Ask to speak to me, Jenny, personally and I’ll tell you how our team of personal matchmakers and our dating headhunters will work with you closely to give you the best possible chance of introducing you to someone who will become your soulmate and life partner.

Here are just a few of the lovely people who formed meaningful and loving relationships through us in 2014 – I’m sure they will all be sending each other a Valentine’s card this year.

Phil, 51, a landowning farmer from Hereford and Jill, 46, a book-keeper from Ludlow

Blair, 65, a retired surgeon from Macclesfield and Trudy, 64, a retired midwife also from Cheshire

Reg., 71, a retired banker from London and Esme, 68, a retired solicitor from Berkshire

Carlton, 33, company director from Bristol and Jen, 30, a sales account manager from Gloucester

Karl, 57, a sports presenter and Charlotte, 43, a translator, both from London

Ashley, 46, owns 2 nursing homes in Kent and Kate, 38, a teacher also from Kent

Jason, 39 a marketing executive from Cambridge and Alison, 33 an antiques dealer from Royston

Elliot, 39, a very successful businessman from York and Sally, 37, an estate agent from Harrogate

Craig, 40, a property developer from Lincoln and Mandy, 34, interior designer from Northampton

Daniel, 34, a broker from London and Anne, 34, an HR consultant from Hertford

Frank, 37, an engineer from Peterborough and Caroline, 28, a PA from Cambridge

Stewart, a 65 year old Surgeon from Alnwick and Alice, 58, an optometrist from Perth

Harry, 49, an accountant and Justine, 40, a tead Teacher both from Newcastle upon Tyne

Eugine, 67, a retired GP from Guildford and Elsbeth, 64, who still teaches music in London

Michael, 49, and Helen, 45, who now run a chain of shops in the West Midlands

Drew, 48, a sportsman from Shrewsbury and Arabella, 41, a riding instructor near Shrewsbury

Gregory, 57, a builder from Colchester and Diana, 51, a nursery nurse from Braintree

Harry, 43, a solicitor from East Anglia and Gloria, 36, a pharmaceutical representative

Hugh, 41, a GP from London and Henny, 34, who owns a small business in Kent

Jacob, 53, a dentist from Wigan and Maggie, 49 who is a nurse in Manchester

Rex, 48, an architect from Stratford upon Avon and Rita, 39, an artist from Broadway

Malcolm, 56 a TV producer in London and Val, 50, a beautician from Kent

Derick, 54, a sales account manager and Hazel, 51, a dress designer, both from Tyne and Wear

Johnathon, 29 and Sandy 27, both teachers from Northamptonshire

Paul, 68, a business owner from Newport and Emma, 61, a retired florist from Cardiff

Thomas, 36, a solicitor from Salisbury and Elaine, 31, a music teacher from Melksham

Leon, 35 and Sonya, 35, both in the media in London

Lloyd, 36, an Underwriter from Bath and Kay, 37, an occupational therapist from Cheltenham

Jenny Dawson,

Senior Membership Adviser,

Attractive Partners Ltd.

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