Code of Conduct


We expect all our members to abide by our Code of Conduct as part of their conditions of membership with us –

Our Code of Conduct:

You are expected to adhere to the highest standards of conduct at all times and so are the people we introduce you to.

You must behave appropriately, respectfully and courteously in all dealings with other members and members of staff whether in person, by phone, text or email. This includes conduct which is intimidating or humiliating to others or results in criminal damage or damage or damage to the good name of the agency or the well-being of staff and members.

Our profiles are strictly confidential and must never be shown to any other person, member or non-member of this agency. Any breach of this rule will result in instant termination of your contract with us.

You must be single, widowed, divorced or permanently separated – if you cease to be so during the course of your membership it is your responsibility to let us know that you are no longer available to receive profiles. You must inform us of any relationship started during your membership through or outside this agency. We will suspend services but you can return and complete your membership in accordance with your terms and conditions of membership.

All information you supply to us must be accurate and not misleading. We will assume no relevant information has been withheld during your consultation and during your membership. If contrary information is received your membership will be terminated.

You must have declared at interview if you have any criminal convictions or been denied membership of any other agency. We do not accept membership applications from anyone with a criminal record.

A recommended dating and personal introductions agency

Dating Agency Association

Dating Agency Association recommended

We are a well established dating and introductions agency and operate across the whole of the UK. To give you peace of mind,  we are recommended members of the Dating Agency Association, the only truly independent dating body in the UK, who represent the interests of clients only and promote the highest standards of care and ethics to their members.

Their website is