Many serious relationships end up falling apart. No sane person ever gets into a relationship thinking that it will eventually end but it does happen and that is a fact. There are numerous factors that influences why relationships fall apart and it’s impossible to put a finger on just one thing. However, there are a few considerations that need to be made when you are thinking about getting into a serious, committed relationship with someone.

Some of the following below are a strong indicator that your relationship is destined for failure or success.

  1. Children – Do you both want children or does only one of you want children? This is a big one to think about because if one person wants children but the other doesn’t then there is a very strong chance the relationship will end in the future. If you end up marrying your partner, the urge to have children will grow more intense so it will end up becoming a big problem.
  1. The in-laws – When you marry your partner you’re not just marrying them, you are also marrying into their family. If you don’t like them or get along with them at all then it’s a fairly good sign that the relationship is going to end up in facing problems in the future. You need to be on good terms with the in-laws to have a successful serious relationship.
  1. Lifestyle – This is an important one. Do you want to travel together a bit? Or just settle down, start a family, and work on building your career? These kinds of lifestyle factors need to be discussed because if one person wants something different then it’s only going to cause problems. Remember, you are now a couple so things need to be done together and discussed together.

The above are important to think about when making the leap into a committed relationship. Quite often, the three factors mentioned play a major role in influencing whether or not a relationship is destined to fail.