Online Dating – there IS an alternative!

On the day that Christopher Heayns has been jailed for 9 years on 4 counts of online dating fraud, we again need to ask the question why? How on earth could Liz Todd, a 31 year old hospital doctor, ever have been duped out of more than £168,000 and her mother a 60 year old Biochemist more than £125,000? The fact is – it’s easy and is beginning to happen so frequently! But do you need to rely on online dating – there IS an alternative!

Heayns with 133 convictions and 7 jail terms behind him, was just so plausible that’s why. Liz described him as ‘pleasantly normal’ after their first date. Little did she know he was working under 17 aliases and posing falsely as a Barrister, on Plenty of Fish, the website that so often seems to be at the root of these tragic cases.

It took Liz 6 months to work out that Christopher Smith was not all he seemed but by then it was too late, as he had already persuaded her to let him invest £168,000 ‘into their future’ and completely unbeknown to Liz had also taken £125,000 from Hilary her mother in terms of savings and credit cards.

Does it have to happen? Quite frankly no it doesn’t – Liz could have joined Attractive Partners, where we personally interview, ID check and carefully vet all joiners. We have an expensive authentication and verification system, through which we can track and verify every joiner, to ensure that all of your dates are on each occasion exactly who they say they are.

We also have probably the largest database of ID checked and vetted, professional singles in the UK, we also cover the whole of mainland Great Britain and have the largest team of professional Matchmakers within the industry.

Like to know more? Well you can ring us from 9am until 9pm everyday and ask for a free consultation with one of our Membership Advisers on 0800 644 4140 or complete our contact form and we will call you.

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