Has my partner lost interest in me?

Has my partner lost interest in me? That is a question that our Personal Matchmakers are asked quite frequently and it’s a sad fact of life that we cannot force our partner to care and frankly if you are at that stage already in your relationship where you are wondering about ways to revive their interest, should you be actually be wondering if the relationship has already reached the end of the road? As there may already be a strong possibility that it has.

What are the classic warning signs? We asked Sarah James. Senior Membership Adviser at Attractive Partners. What in her mind are the big 5 areas that a relationship may be coming to an end, here are the 5 warning signs that in Sarah’s personal opinion could give the game away.

Reasons Why They Have Lost Interest

  1. They don’t spend enough time with you. says Sarah “This really is often the first thing that is noticed. You are no longer sharing time and spending it together as you once did. Each partner seems to have their own separate agenda. And they are quite happy to play to it, with little regard for how the other feels”
  2. You notice that you always get the blame for things going wrong. He or she seems to want to find a scapegoat for every little thing that goes wrong and those views seem to prevail whatever the circumstances. Says Sarah “This is a classic symptom of a relationship that is running on empty with one partner or another constantly seeking to blame the other when even small things go wrong. Maybe each individual episode is actually quite tiny, but the cumulative effect can be quite devastating.”
  3. You are made to feel worthless. Things are perhaps coming to a head and a blame culture is developing. Sarah’s view is “This happens frequently and the smallest little problem gets blown up out of all proportion, with something minuscule turning into a very big problem. With you on the receiving end of all criticism too.”
  4. They try to change you. Your partner starts to want to change you as a person and your personality. Sarah continues “Here it seems your personality and appearance have now just become unacceptable and he or she is trying to get you to become something that you’re not and simply don’t feel comfortable with. This can happen suddenly and out of the blue. It really could be the signal you have been waiting for to start to think about changing your life, as this relationship may well feel like it is becoming untenable.”
  5. Your partner forgets what you say almost instantly. This is one of the clearest indicators yet to your question “Has my husband/wife/partner lost interest in me?” The answer lies in their attention towards what you say, listening and retaining it. When you really care about a person. You will remember what they say. At least the important elements and will be able to recall it. Says Sarah “For me this is one of the biggest signs that all is not well and that a complete reappraisal of what is happening between you is necessary. For me a serious re-think is required.”

Could we help at all? Did we answer the question of whether your partner has lost interest in you?

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