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If you are currently considering using a personal matchmaking service, then we’d like to help. We believe that our service is amongst the very best personal introductions service nationally. It is a sophisticated, professional service with a strong record of success right across the country. So here’s your chance to ask us a question.

Attractive Partners - ask us a question

Attractive Partners – ask us a question

If you want to know more, here you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions and hopefully the answer provided will help you understand not only the detail of our service but also how using Attractive Partners can open up a whole new exciting world for you, in terms of a wonderful new partner and shared experiences, as we know that life can be so much more fulfilling when it is shared.

If you have a question that isn’t one that we have been asked before and you’d like to pose it to us, either just for you or to share on this page, we’d be delighted to hear from you and will normally get back to you within 48 hours. To ask a question please fill in the contact form by clicking here and include your question in the message box – we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

What is the best option for me – online dating or personal matchmaking?

What is the best option for me – online dating or an introductions agency? Well online dating may work best for people who are more interested in dating rather than in finding an exclusive, longterm relationship, so if you’re just looking for ‘fun’ then online dating might work well, but be careful as recently the online sector has attracted some worrying publicity, with regards to how secure their users’ data is. For example, instances of mis-selling practices by the employees of the website and the fact that there are literally millions of fake profiles on the various sites. You would also need plenty of time to do your own searching and selection and you need to be aware and prepared for all the potential security issues that can occur when meeting people in this way.

Personal introductions offers you a far more secure way in which to meet a new partner, where every member has been been personally interviewed, ID checked and thoroughly vetted. Those choosing personal introductions agencies such as Attractive Partners are usually looking for a new long term and enduring relationship rather than casual dates. They are usually from a more professional background and seeking a partner of a similar calibre to themselves.

Who joins Attractive Partners?

Many single professionals lead busy lives and find they have less opportunity to meet other professional singles these days. They find that a professional introductions agency provides a secure, confidential and effective means of meeting a new and potentially long term partner.
Our clients are …

  • Educated, intelligent professionals who may well be cash rich but time poor
  • From a wide range of professional and business backgrounds and living in London and all locations across the UK
  • Sometimes at the end of a longterm relationship and now ready to find a new partner
  • People who may have tried other options, (such as blind dates and internet dating) and are now seeking a more personal, effective and supportive service that offers carefully vetted introductions only to those who are genuinely also looking for a long term partner
  • Tired of waiting for friends to introduce them to their future partner
  • Leading busy lives or forging professional careers and therefore with limited time to find someone to share their life with.

Do you interview your clients and verify their details?

All Attractive Partners clients are interviewed. You must provide proof of age, ID and address and agree to comply with our code of conduct.

Who will see my photographs?

Your professional profile and photographs are only available to our team and to your personal introductions. Our client profiles normally include two photos which you may supply if suitable, or we will take them for you.

Will my personal details be kept in confidence?

Your personal details are kept safe and secure and are accessible only to our staff. We are Data Protection Registered. Only following your approval of another client’s profile will we exchange phone numbers for any introduction to proceed. 

How does Attractive Partners find introductions for me?

As one of the UK’s leading personal introductions agencies we have access to an extensive list of personally interviewed and ID validated singles living in London and across the UK and have new members joining on a very regular basis. Once your matchmaker has got to know you she will review your profile alongside possible matches for you from our client list and suggest recommend others to you. Your matchmaker will be on hand to discuss details of any of the matches she puts forward. She can also search beyond our current client list on a pro-active basis to help find the one you seek.

Details of a potential partner will be sent to you and your profile sent to them. If you both approve we exchange your phone numbers, if not, we move on to find your next potential introduction. It is very much a partnership between you and your personal matchmaker. Your feedback, positive and negative, is crucial in guiding us in selecting future introductions for you.

How many members do you have in my age group and area?

Our client list is one of the largest in the country and we have members in every area of the UK, from a broad range of professional backgrounds. The members that are available for introduction changes on a daily basis as new people join, others find love through us and others let us know that they are awaiting their next introduction. We work hard to maintain as close a balance as possible between male and female numbers and welcome new members from across the UK.

Are there any age limits?

Our youngest clients are in their twenties and our oldest are well into their retirement years. Our oldest couple to wed were 83 – age is just a number and we match based on likes, dislikes, personality, aspirations and stage of life. So whatever your age group, get in touch for a no obligation chat.

Are you a recommended Dating Agency?

Dating Agency Association

Yes, we are members of the Dating Agency Association, a membership organisation set up to support standards in the Dating Industry. The Dating Agency Association believe in tougher regulation of the dating industry and that background checks should be carried out on new joiners by all dating companies as a matter of course. We are therefore proud to carry the Dating agency Association seal.

Their website is datingagencyassociation.org.uk

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