Silly Dating Myths Hurting Your Chances Of Finding Love

The dating world is full of advice and tips offered by everyone from your parents, friends and everyone else in between.

Some of it is genuinely good and well meaning advice. Some other advice is just terrible and doesn’t even warrant a second look at.

Over the years and decades there has been a lot of silly myths that have floated around the dating world regarding all sorts of things related to dating.

Today, we are going to look at some of the silliest because if you really believe them, they are hurting your chances of finding love.

  1. It’s better to have a bad relationship than none at all – Seriously? Why would you want to do that to yourself. There are so many amazing people in the world and you would limit your chances of finding true happiness just because you want a relationship for the sake of having one.
  2. It’s not worth pursuing a relationship if there is no instant attraction – Attraction doesn’t necessarily work like that and no one truly has all the intricacies of attraction solved and deciphered. Sometimes there is no instant attraction but it can develop over time. You never know, maybe the girl or guy you just went on a first date with is shy and needs a bit of time to reveal their full personality first.
  3. Love fades over time – Not necessarily but it does change depending on the stage of the relationship you’re in. Social psychology studies show there is passionate love and companionate love and these vary based on where you’re at in the relationship. Sure for some love does fade but for those couples that work on their relationship and making sure it’s healthy, it doesn’t fade, it grows and simply changes over time.

These are just 3 silly myths that could be ruining your chances of finding love if you believe any of them. There are many more, which we may explore in future posts.

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