Ashley Madison’s ‘Fembot Army’

An army of fake female accounts, dubbed Ashley Madison’s ‘Fembot Army’. Was used by the controversial dating site of the same name to lure men into paying for the site, according to independent auditors Ernst & Young. A huge proportion of female users of the site were allegedly ‘Fembots’ created to run automatically and impersonate real women. This practice continued until late 2015. The site that once advertised itself with the tagline ‘Life is short. Have an affair’ has suffered a series of humiliations. Shortly after Ashley Madison boasted of 37.6 million ‘anonymous’ ‘100% discreet’ users, its entire membership was revealed on line. The site’s members. Who had been lured in by fake profiles and promises of infidelity. Now saw their real details exposed to the world. The ‘cheaters’ had been revealed on all sides. The only unscathed members were, it seems, the Fembots.

Dating Safely Campaign

Are you wary about being fooled by a site similar to Ashley Madison? Where you may well be talking to a series of robots rather then attractive, dateable people, who could well turn out to be that elusive soul mate. Do you worry about online dating fraud or the fact that meeting people in this way, all of a sudden seems frightening and too much of a risk? Well to reassure you at Attractive Partners we vet every one of our members, they are all personally interviewed and thoughoughly vetted. Attractive Partners also supports the the Dating Agency Association’s Safe Dating campaign. Speak to our team of expert membership advisers to find out more about why ‘honesty and transparency’ are at the core of everything we do. You can ring at our expense on 0800 644 4140.

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