Catfishing – setting your mind at rest

Fake online dating profiles have long been a problem in the UK, with the BBC’s respected Panorama programme highlighting a figure as high as 1 million in the UK alone, as long ago as 2013. Over the last week ‘Catfishing’ – the use of fake or fraudulent profiles on online dating sites and apps has become a massive issue. With the Labour MP for Stockport Ann Coffey, utilising an adjournment debate in the House of Commons to bring the issue to the attention of her colleagues across all parties. Here we look at catfishing – setting your mind at rest from an Attractive Partners perspective.

We very much acknowledge that there is a problem and a serious one. We also applaud the stance of the Right Honourable Ms Coffey for her courage in raising it in parliament but also recognise that it is unlikely that legislation to combat it is likely to become UK law at any time in the short term future. The expert view of Zarek Redman, a Technology Lawyer, being that it has already been debated in the House of Lords in 2014 and also that the EU Human Rights convention and the ‘right for expression’ would be likely to get in the way too.

So the responsibility has to fall with the Dating Companies themselves and we have a range of comprehensive checking procedures in place at Attractive Partners to be 100% confident that our database is one of the cleanest in the UK.

We utilise a comprehensive authentication and verification system that enables us to check out potential members across a range of exacting criteria, whilst others just baulk at the costs of installing something similar, which puts us in a unique position within the UK dating industry.

We also interview every client personally, to thoroughly vet them and then create their profile for them professionally to ensure that it captures them as accurately as possible and also their photos are recent and properly portray how they currently look.

Like to know more? Well you can, we will gladly talk you through the comprehensive nature of our service or why not visit us at Head Office or in London. We’d make you incredibly welcome. Please telephone at our cost on 0800 644 4140 to get the ball rolling, we are open from 9am to 9pm 7 days a week.

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