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Time to find the right partner?

It is all too easy with the hectic pace of life today, that work, other family members, hobbies and friends can take up all of our time. Indeed, it can seem that on the surface, we are leading a really full life but perhaps there is something or someone very important missing from our life at the moment? Perhaps we need time to find the right partner?


On line Dating and ‘no-strings sex’

Monica Porter the journalist has been in the press recently promoting her new book, ‘Raven’ that recounts her experiences on an online dating website in a year she describes as ‘dating dangerously’.

She says that feelings of rejection from the breakdown of a long term relationship were involved in what led her to try this and that she had sex with over 15 men in the year, all of whom were many years younger than herself. Some encounters are described as ‘safe sex’ and some as not safe..


Finding happiness after divorce or separation


Living Apart Together – is it for you?

Looking back a few years, relationships tended to start with a first date which after a few meetings led to that ‘going steady’phase, before either a tearful break-up or a decision to live together and eventually get married. How the world has moved on!

These days dating and what constitutes a ‘relationship’ is less clearly defined.

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