Dealing With A Broken Heart: Focusing On Your Physical And Mental Health

Break ups affect people in a variety of ways and it is a fact that individual factors play a huge role in this. Some people are going to feel worse about a break up than others due to their personality type and even external factors. A break up doesn’t just affect your mental health but physical health as well because the low feelings you experience affect you physically.

In the first few days of a break up you may experience periods of depression, fatigue, lack of hunger, and lack of motivation, to name a few. These kinds of responses are completely natural so you need to accept what you’re feeling, and then you can begin to deal with it and move on with your life. It’s when these kinds of feelings linger that things can become very tough and your quality of life can become affected.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by making sure you are focused on your physical and mental health. So get out and start doing some physical activity again. Go jogging, perhaps sign up for a local football team, or any other sport. Start socialising with your friends again and go to social events together. Doing these kinds of things will improve both your mental and physical health, and it’s important you take care of this so it won’t linger.

Much research shows that physical exercise releases endorphins in the brain and these endorphins make us feel good. So getting out and exercising is a great way to help cope with the painful emotions you are feeling. Socialising with your friends again has a similar effect on the brain because you are with people that care about you.

It is important to make sure you don’t let your mental and physical health deteriorate after a break up. If you exercise, do new things, and get out again then you will start to feel a little better, and be able to start moving on with your life.