Are dishonest profile’s killing online dating?

Are dishonest profile’s killing online dating? That has to be the question we pose currently, as more and more people simply do not want to use online dating any more to find potential partners. Despite online communication becoming the norm in recent years for a huge percentage of the UK’s population, the success and the public’s ability to trust online dating sites and app’s seems to be rapidly declining from it’s peak around 2012.

In 2013 the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Panorama, revealed that more than 1 million UK based profiles on online sites were fake but is the true figure actually much greater if the number of people online is approximately 9 million? Well probably, as a recent survey conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA, found that as many as 80% of people are lying about their height, weight or age. Although the findings also show that the number of fibs does decline with age and that older people are usually much more truthful.

Here are the top 5 dating fibs on client profiles:

  1. Height – the survey found that around 50% of people lie about their height, women also seem to want to make themselves taller but in reality twice as many men exaggerate their height.
  2. Weight – weight can fluctuate for all of us and it was found that on average women reduced their weight by 8.5 pounds and men by 1.5 and clearly we all carry our pounds differently.
  3. Body type – most men on dating sites describe themselves as ‘athletic and toned’, but photos are often a giveaway and also the level of exercise admitted to.
  4. Age – almost 1/3 of men admitted to lying about their age compared to 17% of women. Some individuals varied their date of birth by up to 10 years, although most people tweaked this category by just 1 or 2 years.
  5. Income – the advice here is to knock off around 40% from a man’s claimed income, also job types and title’s are often exaggerated too. Men obviously realise this section is often very critically important to women.

Is there an alternative to having to accept lies and inaccuracies? Yes of course there is with our team at Attractive Partners. All clients are personally interviewed, ID checked and thoroughly vetted. A professionally profile is created for each client by one of our Senior Matchmakers and all photographs are verified as being recent or are taken by ourselves at the time of interview.

So why not join a culture where truth and accuracy are the watchwords for profiles, please ring us today to find out more on 0800 644 4140 or click here to complete our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 working hours.

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