Embracing Love At EVERY Age

Forget out-dated beliefs about ageing

As a woman in her late forties with three young teenage sons, Susanna Reid is a woman truly in her prime. She’s wildly in love again, enjoying a successful career AND feeling happier and healthier than ever. Susanna is proof that age really is just a number. Don’t listen to cliched statements about how women should be feeling post-forty. Embrace life and love at any age!

Hollywood actress, Sarah Paulson doesn’t care what critics think of the 32 year age gap in her relationship with Holland Taylor. “If someone wants to spend any time thinking I’m strange for loving the most spectacular person on the planet, that’s their problem.” she told Modern Luxury magazine last summer. Paulson pauses at the thought of 50 being her next milestone birthday. However, she says – “You have no idea what your life will look like and where you’ll be. And that’s just what makes life so sweet.”

A decade ago, George Clooney was America’s most carefree play-boy. At 57, he’s a devoted father to twins Alexander and Ella.

The truth is, as long as we don’t give up on searching for love, it won’t give up trying to find us.

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