Five Signs That It’s Time To Kick An Online Dating Habit

Welcome to the world of online dating. A world where single men and women rapidly move through hundreds of dating profiles at a time. A world where singles eliminate those who do not live up to a rigid set of standards…before spending another evening alone surfing Netflix. Where height defines a man and age defines a woman. Where often all is not as it seems. Just like Survivor style reality shows, love in the modern world is all about survival of the fittest.

But does it have to be?

Are single men and women finally longing for a return to quality over quantity? To a time when a serious of deal-breakers and deal-makers didn’t define who we are and what we’re looking for?

Five Signs That It’s Time To Kick An Online Dating Habit:

1. Diminished Concentration

It’s been ages since you lost yourself in a book. You can’t remember the last time you enjoyed simple, uninterrupted time with friends and family. You used to love to curl up with an old, romantic movie on a Sunday night but now, somehow, there never seems time. Your free time is dominated by the search for validation from strangers. It feels great to receive a flirty message. An expression of interest. But the hit soon wears off and you’re back out there. Suddenly, it’s midnight and you haven’t actually engaged with anyone ‘real’ all evening. You keep your phone close by as you fall asleep, just in case…

2. Neglect of Friends and Family

Friends and family have accepted that you’ll be constantly checking your phone throughout dinner; the movie; an attempt at a heart-to-heart. You notice the disappointment in their faces and the way they just give up trying to chat, but you’re on a mission to find love. And surely that’s all that matters?

3. You’re Putting Yourself in Dangerous Situations

You’ve finally got some genuine interest. Your date has been cagey about giving away too many personal details. Their messages have become a little explicit. But their pictures are amazing. And they seem crazy about you. So it wouldn’t hurt to meet in a hotel room, just this once. Would it?

4. You’re Becoming Jaded

You can hear yourself telling others that no-one is genuinely looking for love anymore. That people are never who they say they are. You still desperately want to believe that ‘The One’ is out there but you’ve been let down so many times.

5. You Can’t Remember The last Time You Met Someone By Chance

It’s hardly surprising that you’re not meeting people naturally. You spend most of your time staring at a screen. Finding love away from the Internet feels like the stuff of 80s rom-coms. It’s just not realistic anymore. Or is it?

Many single are now making a stand against the throw-away society that online dating has created. Whilst it works for some, for many it has become an addiction. A dangerous addiction to validation from unknown men and women.

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