Single Men: Which Qualities Make Them Desirable?

Single Men Who Have What Women Want

At Attractive Partners, we know what we’re looking for when it comes to single men. It’s all about the qualities that separate incredible men from mediocre ones.

1. Kindness

Forget the cliche that every woman loves a bad boy. Wise women know that kindness is one of the single most attractive qualities in a man. A kind man is nurturing and patient. He tries to see his partner’s point of view. He gives all that he can to others. The best men treat friends and family well. They are generous with their time and spirit.

2. Bravery

Bravery is a quality we learn, regardless of gender. For women, a weak man will always be a turn off. This isn’t about physical strength. It’s about doing the right thing when it’s hard. It’s about recognising mistakes and putting things right. It’s about standing tall and courageous at our partner’s side when times get tough.

3. Loyalty

Truly great men are solid and loyal with principles that can’t be shaken. They know that trust is everything and that breaking it destroys real love. They will all always try to see a partner’s point of view, listen to her rants and support her dreams. Most of all, they are loyal to their own moral code and sense of right and wrong.

4. A Sense of Humour

A man who takes himself too seriously is possibly one of our biggest turn-offs. Knowing how to find the lightness in a situation and how to laugh at ourselves adds warmth to character. When we talk to single men, we’re looking for that spark of humour and humility. When a man has self confidence, he is relaxed, funny and endearing.

It’s easy to see that in love, superficial qualities really don’t count. It’s all about developing an attractive heart and soul.

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