Online Dating: Why A Third of Users Never Get A Date

Why Online Dating Doesn’t Always Deliver

Whilst one in five adults between the ages of 25 – 34 have used online dating, new research by The Pew Research Center suggests that a third of all users will never get a date. As a result, many users find their faith in finding love fading. Despite thousands of online options, recent data – released by The Times – suggests that 95% of Millennials would prefer to meet someone offline, Why?

Online Culture Promotes Superficial Attitudes

Online daters tend to become obsessed by detail. Age. Height. Income. Skin Colour. These are among the top ten deal breakers for modern daters. As a consequence of such details shaping our view of a person – before even meeting them – thousands of potential soul-mates are disregarded. Love should never be a tick box exercise. Speed-daters are frequently attracted to people who do not fit the list of preferences they held just minutes before meeting. When we come face to face with a person, chemistry takes over. Kristen Dombek of the New York Times writes, “When we find what we want, it’s because we stop researching our options and treating our date as data to be mined, categorised, passed over or locked down.”

There’s Just Too Much Choice

Too much choice is over-whelming. As a result, users lose sight of the notion of taking time to explore real connections. Those who appear the most attractive in their profile pictures will receive approximately four times as much interest as an average looking person. Every-one’s chasing beauty. In many cases, users will waste hours, days and months pursuing unrealistic matches. Misrepresentation is a consequence of this image obsessed culture. It’s hard to feel ‘enough’ amid so much competition. Untruths and exaggeration lead to many users feeling as though they’ll disappoint in person. Hence, so few connections lasting beyond the keypad.

So… How Can I Get A Date?

Firstly, bin your list of ‘preferences’. Think about the way you want a person to make you feel. How you want them to treat you. How you want to treat them. Imagine a warm smile. A voice that calms you. And then, explore options that allow you to meet new people offline. Traditional dating agencies, such as Attractive Partners, employ experienced personal matchmakers to handpick potential dates for you, based on their knowledge of who you are and what makes you a tick. Sometimes, a match will have qualities that fall outside of your preference list but, you know what? That person might just have that elusive quality you’ve been over-looking for so long…the ability to win your heart and keep it safe.

A recent study published by The Times suggests that in a recent US study of 1000 millennials, 95% would rather meet a partner offline.

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