That is the million dollar question, should you consider workplace dating?

You see that girl at work everyday and you can’t help but notice her.

She even gives you a little look and a smile from time to time.

She’s beautiful, you are thinking maybe she likes you but you don’t know what to do about it. The biggest problem is that you both work together and that can make it problematic if you want a relationship.

So should you ever date someone in your workplace and can workplace dating work?

Throughout history it’s been fairly common to meet people this way but it’s a question that needs a lot of consideration.

In this post we are going to be exploring some of the potential problems that can arise from dating someone in the workplace.

  1. The other people you work with – It may not seem like a problem initially but it can be further into the relationship. The problem is, is that it will affect the judgement of other people you work with. People simply may not know how to relate to you in terms of workplace projects, responsibilities and more especially in social situations.
  1. What if it ends? – This is really the big problem if you have been dating a work colleague. If it ends then it’s going to make things at work awkward not only for the two of you but other co-workers as well. This rings even more true if it’s a bad break up. In the worst case scenario there is even the possibility of harassment claims rearing their head and that has the potential to destroy a career.

This post shouldn’t read as a sign to not date a co-worker but there are certainly some things you need to think about before taking the plunge if you decide to do so because if it ends it can end up being very tricky for both people.