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Embrace a Healthy Summer Eating Plan

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The 36 Questions to Fall in Love

In the 1990s, two psychologists developed a set of 36 questions to help people fall in love. Arthur and Elaine Aron wanted to investigate whether intimate connections could be developed through a series of increasingly personal questions. Later, in 2015, writer Many Len Catron wrote an essay published in the New York Times. She shared how the 36 Questions to Fall in Love led to her marrying an acquaintance.


Five Tips for Finding Love This Summer

Attractive Partners is one of the UK’s most established dating agencies. Our Personal Matchmakers have years of experience in helping single men and women to find love. Here are our top tips for finding love this summer.

1. Embrace the outdoors.

Summer in the UK is a time of festivals, fayres and fun. After months avoiding the cold weather indoors, the time has finally arrived for socialising in the sunshine!


What is the advantage of using a matchmaker?

Many people ask us at ‘What are the advantages of using a Personal Matchmaker, as opposed to Online Dating or a Dating App?’ So I started to think and list them, and to be fair and even handed, we wanted to highlight the advantages that meeting online or via an app has too.


Men’s Dating – Advice For Men

Men’s Dating

Looking for a potential new partner has never been easy and with the plethora of choices available in 2021 and beyond it can be confusing for many and that applies particularly to men. Often after a breakup women are comforted and supported by their network of friends but that is not always the case for men who tend to be more insular and reflective , looking to handle their grief alone, so often a breakup can be a lonely and isolating experience. When someone you thought was your long term or maybe even life partner, has suddenly exited from your life, sometimes quite abruptly and without warning.

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