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Attractive Partners in the Daily Telegraph

We have recently received some unfair and inaccurate criticism in the Daily Telegraph, when the Editor of their Consumer Affairs column Katie Morley has taken on a complaint from a client who became abusive with a member of our staff, to the point where it had become unacceptable.

Because of our wishes to adhere strictly to the General Data Protection Regulations around client confidentiality, an EU directive from 2018 and to remain on the right side of the law and the clients contractual rights, we have been unable to defend our selves against the spurious accusations made and taken forward by the journalist in question Katie Morley.


Single Men: Which Qualities Make Them Desirable?

Single Men Who Have What Women Want

At Attractive Partners, we know what we’re looking for when it comes to single men. It’s all about the qualities that separate incredible men from mediocre ones.


A Dating Agency For Professionals Raising Industry Standards

Attractive Partners is an off-line dating agency offering a personal matchmaking service to single men and women. Our members enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all members are interviewed and ID checked. All clients must adhere to respectful codes of conduct towards each other.

As a dating agency for professionals, we provide a transparent, professional and supportive service. Our team gain job satisfaction from successfully bringing people together, as a consequence, we work tirelessly to help people find genuine relationships.


Embracing Love At EVERY Age

Forget out-dated beliefs about ageing

As a woman in her late forties with three young teenage sons, Susanna Reid is a woman truly in her prime. She’s wildly in love again, enjoying a successful career AND feeling happier and healthier than ever. Susanna is proof that age really is just a number. Don’t listen to cliched statements about how women should be feeling post-forty. Embrace life and love at any age!

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