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Dating: How To Increase Your Personal Confidence

Why Dating With Confidence Will Drastically Improve Your Chances of Finding Love

Stop for a moment and think about the people you most enjoy spending time with. It’s likely that those who spring to mind radiate a sense of being comfortable in their own skin. When we’re confident in ourselves, we’re less judgemental; defensive; competitive. We’re kinder; warmer; more generous. Most of the traits humans find most off-putting about each other are born out of insecurity.


Why Diana Would Love Harry’s Dating Story

How the Rules of Royal Dating Almost Bought Down the Monarchy:

Not so long ago, royal dating relied upon a tick box system. Unless a potential suitor had a clean past and aristocratic blood, any union was doomed. The Queen’s uncle, Edward VIII, famously gave up his throne in order to marry an American divorcee. Prince Harry’s own father bowed to pressure and cast aside his true love to appease the establishment. As a consequence, an ensuing love triangle almost bought down the monarchy.


Swap Travelling Solo For Romance and Adventure This Summer With Attractive Partners

Why Sharing Experiences Beats Travelling Solo

Whilst independence is an admirable quality, it’s wonderful to share precious moments with someone special. When travelling solo, there are always those times when we yearn for a loved one to be at our side. There’s just something so romantic about exploring new cities and strolling along deserted beaches. At Attractive Partners, we know that many of our members join us hoping to find a perfect travelling companion. Someone to enjoy spontaneous weekend breaks with. Someone to share summer holidays with.


Why International Women’s Day Must Be About Women Celebrating Women

What is International Women’s Day?

My partner spent part of his childhood in a Communist State. International Women’s Day was a big thing for the women of his town. A welcome break from the complex lives these women managed with seeming ease. When his father called to ask what International Women’s Day treat he had planned for me this year, my partner told him “We don’t really celebrate that holiday in the UK, dad.”

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